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30 Things Women Over 30 Shouldn’t Own

They might be fun and cool to own, but women over 30yrs, owing these things can’t possibly be taken seriously. Here are 30 things women over 30 shouldn’t own.

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30. Items From Victoria’s Secret ‘Pink’

Items From Victoria's Secret 'Pink'

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Victoria’s Secret ‘Pink’ collection is aimed mostly at college-aged women. It may seem kind of ridiculous to see a 30-something walking around with the word ‘Pink’ spelled out across her booty.


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29. Cheap Makeup


Trust me, good makeup is worth the money. Find a good foundation or lotion that you can mix and match with drug store brand cosmetics.


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28. Christmas Lights as Room Decor

Christmas Lights as room decor

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Decorating your room with Christmas lights was cute in college.


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27. Things From Exes

Things From Exes

Let go of anything that reminds you of ex-boyfriends. It’s time to move on, honey.


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26. Teenage CDs

It’s time to part ways with any CDs you may have hanging around from your teen years.

It’s time to part ways with any CDs you may have hanging around from your teen years.


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25. Anything Hello Kitty


It was cute for awhile, but after age 30 owning Hello Kitty accessories is a no-no.


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24. Concert Posters


You’re not living in a dorm room anymore, so stop decorating your place with tacky posters.


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23. Tacky Purses

Tacky Purses

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It’s time to invest in a versatile bag that looks mature and professional — no more fuzzy, bedazzled purses.


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22. Cheap Perfume

Cheap Perfume

You don’t need to smell like a cheap Barbie doll at age 30.


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21. Personal Game Systems

Personal Game Systems

You have better things to do with your time than sit around playing games.


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20. Hamsters


Hamsters are cute for kids, but when you’re past 30 you need a more appropriate pet. Plus you’ll miss out on meeting guys at the dog park if you’re sitting at home with a hamster.


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19. Bad Hair Products

Bad Hair Products

If you haven’t learned to use good hair products by age 30, then you have probably damaged hair.


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18. 3D Nails

3D Nails

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There’s nothing cute or classy about 3D nail art. Let the high schoolers have their fun while you stick with the more mature manicures.


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17. Bean-Bag Chairs

Bean-Bag Chairs

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There’s a reason why you mostly find bean-bag chairs in playrooms and classrooms. They aren’t designed to be in a mature woman’s house.


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16. Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals

Having a few keepsakes in the closet is one thing, but time has come to clear the pile of stuffed animals off your bed.


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15. Unsupportive Bras

Unsupportive Bras

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Your ladies deserve the best, and cheap bras just won’t do anymore.


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14. Oversized Watches


Huge watches are a fashion statement, but not one women need to be making after they hit 30.


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13. Ripped Panty Hose

Ripped Panty Hose

There’s nothing sexy or professional about torn panty hose.


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12. Childish Bedding

Childish Bedding

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Donate the polka-dot sheets, because it’s time to splurge on matching bedding.


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11. Jewelry With Bells

Jewelry With Bells

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People don’t need to hear you coming from a mile away.


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10. Prom Dresses

Prom Dresses

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Shopping in the junior’s section at Macy’s stopped being cute in your early 20s. Everyone knows it’s a prom dress, so do yourself a favor and get a grown-up cocktail dress instead.


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9. Unreliable Vehicle

Unreliable Vehicle

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Bumming rides from people when your car breaks down is one thing, but to be known as the person who mooches rides isn’t acceptable anymore.


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8. Cartoon Backpacks

Cartoon Backpacks

It’s okay to be a Disney fan, but you don’t need to broadcast it to the world. Keep your cartoon obsession under wraps and avoid carrying around character accessories.


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7. Clothes From High School

Clothes From High School

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Even if they still fit, it’s not a good idea to wear the same things you did as a teenager.


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6. Fake UGGs

No Fake UGGs

If you want to rock comfy boots, then do yourself a favor and invest in a good pair. People can tell when fuzzy boots are cheap and fake, and they usually start to look shabby quickly.


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5. Children’s Lunch Pails

Children’s Lunch Pails

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They’re cute, we get it, but your co-workers are silently judging you.


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4. Lava Lamps

Lava Lamps

Lava lamps are a must-have in every teenager’s room, and that’s a sign they don’t belong in a 30-something-old’s room.


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3. Children’s Vitamins

Children’s Vitamins

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It’s time to start acting like an adult and that means taking big people vitamins. How embarrassing for your friends to see Flintstones vitamins on your kitchen counter.


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2. Anything ‘My Little Pony’

My Little Pony

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It’s a fad right now, but that doesn’t make it any less creepy.


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1. Silly Phone Cases


There’s no way to look mature when you’re answering a ringing penguin.



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