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Holy Crap! The Worlds Lowest Street Legal Car

The Flatmobile made by Watkins, is the world’s smallest car at only 19 inches tall and it sits in the Guinness World Records for being the lowest car in world. The carerior has a cockpit divider with plenty of switches, an additional jet engine, and several gizmos. The Flatmobile is only19 inches tall with a ground clearnce of about 2 inches.

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This crazy car was based on Watkins favorite Batmobile from the original 1960s American television series, the car was originally an old 1963 Hillman Imp and Perry figured. The home built gas turbine engine gives it a boost of power and resembles the original Batmobile.

Watch Video:  Short Documentary on The Flat Mobile


To find out more about this crazy car visit the Flatmobile’s official site here.

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