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25 Images You Will Never Believe Are Real

Men use ropes to try and right a supply truck overloaded with wheat straw, used as animal feed, along a road in Dargai, in the Malakand district, about 165 km (100 miles) northwest of Pakistan's capital Islamabad, April 13, 2012. REUTERS/Mian Khursheed (PAKISTAN - Tags: SOCIETY TRANSPORT TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) FOR BEST QUALITY IMAGE ALSO SEE: GM1E84I1RNZ01 - RTR30OSU

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25. Human Popeye Arm Wrestler

human popeye arm wrestler                                                          Matthias Schlitte was born with a gigantic superhuman arm. Source: News Corp Australia

MEET Matthias “Hellboy” Schlitte, the German arm wrestling phenomenon with one enormous arm.

While his left arm is normal size, Schlitte’s right is Popeye-like due to a rare genetic defect that makes his right forearm bone 33 per cent larger than his left. Schlitte first hit the arm wrestling circuit as a 16-year-old on the advice of his mother, and was ridiculed because of his light 65kg frame.

But what his competitors didn’t realise is that much of that weight was taken up by his right limb.



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24. Frying Pan Beach Sculpture In Sydney, Australia

Frying pan Bench Sculpture Sydney Australia

andrew hankin has placed an enormous frying pan right in the middle of the beach. the oversized skillet is filled with sand from the surrounding site, allowing visitors to lie within and play inside the massive sculptural installation. ‘we’re frying out here’ has been created in collaboration with sunsense, and aims to raise awareness to the dangers of sunbathing and serve as a reminder not to over ‘cook’ during summer. ‘it’s a great honor to have been selected into sculpture by the sea but an even better feeling to have been able to create a sculpture with an important message behind it.’ hankin describes.

Click above video to watch it on the beach

(Source: SculptureBythe Sea)


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23. The Rice Field Terraces Of Yunnan, China

rice terrace of yunnan china


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22. Artist Philippe Ramette fastened his feet to the wall of the floating sideways balcony and held onto the railing for support.

Philippe RametteBrainjet


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21. Is That A Scene From Jaws?


This guy touches the snort of the great white, you will have to see this to believe it. I have linked the video below for you to see it for yourself… its unbelievable.

(Source: NatureFootage)


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20. The plughole at the Ladybower Reservoir in the UK is a manmade hole that drains water during extreme rainfall to prevent overflow in the dam.



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19. Men Against The Iron Horse

Men use ropes to try and right a supply truck overloaded with wheat straw, used as animal feed, along a road in Dargai, in the Malakand district, about 165 km (100 miles) northwest of Pakistan's capital Islamabad, April 13, 2012. REUTERS/Mian Khursheed (PAKISTAN - Tags: SOCIETY TRANSPORT TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) FOR BEST QUALITY IMAGE ALSO SEE: GM1E84I1RNZ01 - RTR30OSUREUTERS/Mian Khursheed

Men use ropes to try and pull down a supply truck overloaded with wheat straw, along a road in Dargai, in the Malakand district, about 165 km (100 miles) northwest of Pakistan’s capital Islamabad.


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18. The Human Truck Load


This image speaks volume, its how bad things have gotten in worn torn Somalia, these displaced refuges travel by the truck load to shelters


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17. The Matrix Car


This car that looks like something from the matrix is not a 3D model either, its actually a wire-frame sculpture by artist Benedict Radcliffe. And we mean an actual frame made of wires.


It reportedly got hit with a ticket for illegal parking, not clear if the owner is from the matrix too lol.


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16. Nature’s Sand Sculpture


This scene that looks more like a scuplture is actually a wave rock formation in Arizona, formed out of ancient sand dunes and creating that crazy depth perceptcal illusion-destroying optical illusion.



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15. This Island Used in Season 6 of Lost, is Actually an Ocean


The Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, is the largest salt flat in the world, it’s frequently flooded with a shallow layer of water, allowing the in the picture to dude pull off the Jesus move. It’s a popular tourist site for the natural beauty, leading to construction of a salt hotel.



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14. Now That’s A Radio Shack


When life give you lemons make lemonade, that’s what this guy did, he turned an ugly security fence on their storefront in whats looks like a guitar amp. This Guitar Store in Southampton went all the way with this cool idea, complete with big-ass knobs and everything.



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13. She Took “Sucking Your Guts IN” Too Far


That’s Cathie Jung, the woman with the tiniest waist and no that’s not a photoshop job. She  has an entire website based around the fact that her body is terrifying to look at. She even made it into the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD 2011.

She’s been wearing a corset every day, and she now wears one 24 hours a day!  “I probably have around 100 of them,” says the corset queen.



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12. What You See Isn’t Always What You Get


At first glance that would appear to be a triangle, but this sculpture–located in Perth, Australia, when viewed from another angle you can see the complicated way it manipulates perspective to get the effect. This remarkable triangle sculpture was created by artist Brian McKay in collaboration with architect Ahmad Abas of MC Escher design.

impossible_structures (10)_thumb


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11. Is That An Oversized Bathtub?


This creation that looks like an oversized rubber duck is the work of artist Florentijn Hofman. This ridiculously huge rubber duck is 100-foot long, and sits in a harbour full of boats as if its one giant natural bathtub.



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10. Now That’s Literally A Truck Load


When this guy was told to deliver the goods by the truck load, he took it literally and delivered. This image that looks more like a photoshop job is actually real according to Reuters. The image from Somalia is of a truck load of corn tusks packed to the brim.


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9. The House Of Crosswords


This building in Ukraine does in fact have a gigantic, 100-foot-tall, crossword puzzle on the side.


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8. When You Look Up And There’s Asses Everywhere


These ass clouds are actually called Mammatus clouds, aptly named for their resemblance to udders. It’s still not fully understood how they actually form.


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7. The Cave Man

cave man

The Cerne Abbas giant has been around for centuries (nobody is sure who made it). It’s formed out of a trench that uncovers the chalk under the soil, creating a permanent drawing of a dude with a huge dong. Wikipedia thoughtfully includes a close-up of his nuts.

The Cerne Abbas Giant is a hill figure near the village of Cerne Abbas in Dorset, England. Made by a turf-cut outline filled with chalk, it depicts a large, naked man, with a substantial erect penis, typically described as a giant wielding a club.



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6. You Would Think Its A Scene From the Ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey


In a classic example of “You won’t believe it’s not Photoshopped,” this 1965 cover to LIFE magazine was initially doubted as fake by the Editors.

It’s one of the first pictures ever taken with an endoscope and is of a living fetus inside the uterus.


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5. The Nursery


These laughably fake-looking tree men are in fact made using a technique called tree shaping. The trees are bound and grafted as they grow, forming them into all kinds of ridiculous shapes.

tree shapingFrom


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4. Tell Me Its A Prank


This isn’t someone’s idea of a bad joke, it is actually just a cheerleader at the University of South Carolina, home of the the Gamecocks. The girl is leading the crowd in the official school cheer of “GAME!-COCKS!” with each word printed on one side of the card.


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3. Spidey Came To Town


If you’re arachnophobic and are getting short of breath looking at what looks like the work of a giant spider, don’t worry. It’s actually a freak massive spider web created by millions of spiders working together in ways science previously did not think was possible.


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2. Is That A Scene From Independence Day…?


No it’s not a movie scene, its Actually one of a series of real photos from Iraq, taken during a sandstorm in 2005 (the photographer says it took about three minutes from spotting it on the horizon to engulf him completely).


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1. You Got Hit By The Rainbow


The above photo got spread around the Internet earlier this year with that exact title, claiming the photographer had found the exact spot the rainbow “landed” on the highway, as if it’s a goddamned stationary structure rather than a play of light and water particles that changes depending on where you’re standing.

Go ahead and read the countless infuriating comments from people confirming it and talking about the time they also found a rainbow ending in their back yard, with the few dissenters screaming “Photoshop!”

It’s neither, of course, since the rainbow exists only from the driver’s point of view and here is just continuing down through the mist coming off the street (you can kind of see the arc continuing down through the pavement). But don’t let us ruin the illusion! Come back with a jackhammer and dig up your pot of gold!

(Source: Cracked)


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