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52 Women Doing Crazy Things

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We all do crazy stuffs now and then, but some people takes it to another level of crazy that certainly can be described as borderline bizarre. While some do it for fun, kind of an entertainment for their friends or peers, we can’t quite put our finger on why others exhibit such questionable behaviors.

The women we have showcased in this list took crazy to another level. Click through to view these 52 women doing crazy things.

52. The Wall Of Jizz

the wall

I can’t quite make out what’s going on here, Either she has created a wall of jizz to memorize her accomplishments or she has her very own personal sperm bank with photo IDs attached to them.


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51. That’s on very long Ice


These girls must be pretty heated up to wanna suck on that footlong frozen ice.


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50. The White Girl Dance

white girls can dance

These girls i believe are trying to shoot down the stereotype that white girls cant dance, i dont know if they are succeeding or further reinforcing that very stereotype. I believe one of them, is doing the chicken dance


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49. So what if i’m a little pregnant?

pregnant girl

Hey lady i don’t think you should be doing that while pregnant



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48. I Got Money On My Brain

wig of riches

She’s got money on her brain, someone must have said to her, “think money and be inspired”


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47. What?

turn 3 around


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46. She’s Already Counting Her Money

counting money


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45. Stinky Feet

stinking socks

It usually a good idea to check if everything is in place before taking a pic, i dont think that stinky socks is any sexy


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44. I don’t think that’s what Elephant trunk is for



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43. He Took It Literally When Someone Said “You Are Gabbage” To Him

you are gabbage


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42. Bikini glimpse is the new sexy

drop low


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41. Dumpster is the new library

dumpster girl


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40. When you love yourself way too much

loving self


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39. Yeah its party time

yeah that is party


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38. The water fight, no wet tshirt … bummer!

don't mess with me


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37. Now that’s talent

chicken leg


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36. Fancy?

fancy shoes


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35. Short Pants?

short pants


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34. Heat Bath

heated bath


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33. WTF Hows that suppose to work?

female urinal


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32. Yeah she is wasted!

ice cone


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31. The undercover girl

who is that girl


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30. Now that’s a girl’s ride

pink car


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29. Someone is in a clowning mood

natural clown


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28. Isn’t danger Just Sexy

danger is sexy


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27. When a girl gotta tan she’s gotta tan

risky tan


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26. When you know you’ve had a little too much to drink

girl has a little too much to drink


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25. WTF is she doing?



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24. Is that shoe for real?

thats a thing


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23. Is she the new Ice Princess?



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22. The real miss Piggy

real miss piggy


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21. When you know she is a drunk

she is a drunk


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20. Tasting the crack

crack taste


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19. When you are the copier

ink girl


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18. Is that fire resistant?

fire starter


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17. I don’t think the kid signed up for that selfie

selfie fail


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16. When you need a feet jeans

the feet jeans


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15. Thats one adorable crazy text

crazy text


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14. Kiss me of you are history

kissing with gun


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13. When your lashes grow branches

tree lashes


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12. Did i scare ya?

scary pic


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11. When women drive



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10. When lady gaga attackes – Arrrrrr!

lady gaga


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9. The Photo Dress

photo dress


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8. Meal Time, But Who Might Be The Meal In Future?

leopard pets


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7. Beyonce is probably like “Girl Whats All That?”



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6. You got a raccoon on your head



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5. When you have your fish to go

fish bag


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4. Letting the fart out

when u gotta let that fart out


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3. Workout Gear



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2. High Heel Workout



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1. When you gotta look good

gotta look good


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