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23 Images That Perfectly Describe Real Life Struggles

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These images perfectly represent the real life struggles people go through to achieve success or whatever it is they are looking for. It shows people struggling to gain control, patching up things with tapes more like making silly excuses in real life stituations. Some things life is like a puzzle or rubix cube and you just want to figure out how to put all the pieces together.

Below you would find 23 images that perfectly describe real life struggles we ofteh go through.

1. Trying to get  your life together is often like this kid trying to pick up that book, you just keep stepping on it while tugging at it, you eventually pull it out from under your feet for you to fall back down on your ass:

kid picking up book

2. It like patching up this broken window with a tape instead of replacing it, we often patch up real life problems and issues even though it could potential harm us in the end:

patch up problem with tapes
Via Twitter: @Pretty52


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3. Solving life issues can be like solving this easily solvable cube, if only you can put the tiny pieces together:

solvable cube
Via Twitter: @pakalupapito

4. Life can be as comfortable as this perectly comfortable dog stuck inside of a chair:

perfectly comfortable dog
Via Twitter: @ITweetYouLaff


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5. Getting your acts together can be a lot like this volleyball match:

volleyball match
Via Twitter: @_LiveLifeStxned

6. It could also be like the meal, sometimes you know your goose is toast:

gourmet meal
Via Twitter: @desi_4018


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7. Getting your life together can also be a disaster sometimes much like this ice cream:

ice cream
Via Twitter: @CarlStark

8. Or like this image:

man in dessert
Via Twitter: @EmmaKate1996x


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9. Or when you feel its all A-OK but things are actually on fire:

on fire
Via Twitter: @dirtyworkptv

10. Trying to get your life together is a lot like fixing this road with a masking tape:

fixing this road
Via Twitter: @gmuBP


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11. Its sometimes like you are stuck between the rock and a hard place much like this dog:

like this dog
Via Twitter: @BABYB00F

12. And it’s a lot like a look-alike Jason Derulo wrecking himself at the 2015 Met Gala:

Jason Derulo wrecking himself
Via Twitter: @WhitneyG15


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