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Unbelievable House Truck Transforms Into Fantasy Castle

We all need a place to call home, but owning a home is a very expensive affair with all the realestate prices and the mortage issues not helping easy those financial worries. People have found many creative ways to build their own home, one of those creative home owners is a young couple in New Zealand, who created a comfortable castle out of a truck.

In a folded state, this converted bus doesnt look as impressive and when its transformed in a lovely castle making a sight to behold. Every space within the castle has being well utilized to created an efficient mobile home. Complete with a bathroom, shower, full kitchen and rooftop bath – this is not the type of motor home that some of us will be used to seeing.

Click to view what this mini castle looks like and watch it transform into the beauty that it is. The ‘small-house’ trend is taking the world by storm and i bet there will be even more creative ones to come.

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