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35 Adorable Couples That Prove Love Is Blind

The old sayings “love is blind” and “opposites attract themselves” can’t be nothing but true as evident in these images! Really amazing, sometimes how people come together and find love.[nextpage title=”1″ ]HIdrJrG - Imgur[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”2″ ]elgyoiZ - Imgur[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”3″ ]Z8Fu4Q9 - Imgur[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”4″ ]iMGa2Bi - Imgur[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”5″ ]iZUfpha - Imgur[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”6″ ]pMHJUco - Imgur[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”24″ ]xE31Q9V - Imgur[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”7″ ]zhlrenf - Imgur[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”8″ ]g1AuT6T - Imgur[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”9″ ]B9eF7T9 - Imgur[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”10″ ]LcfH1nE - Imgur[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”11″ ]d5gfpVu - Imgur[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”12″ ]eVGWlGI - Imgur[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”13″ ]O55DBb3 - Imgur[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”14″ ]katvQ6z - Imgur[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”15″ ]QKIO2yk - Imgur[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”16″ ]12[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”17″ ]104980_1218241178660_full[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”18″ ]93-Wonderfully-Mismatched-Couple[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”19″ ]cranachhuges-355850_0x440[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”20″ ]a.baa-Mismatched-Couple[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”21″ ]hot_girl_ugly_guy_2[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”22″ ]mismatched-couples-L-06LntU[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”23″ ]mismatched-couple-dancing[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”25″ ]shocking+couple+4 shocking+couple[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”26″ ]guy and girl[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”27″ ]84487337[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”28″ ]18[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”29″ ]Snip20150721_86-430x290[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”30″ ]Tall woman and short man embracing --- Image by © Tim Tadder/Corbis[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”31″ ]Odd-couple-5678490[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”32″ ]8c420e76-a0e5-43e7-9879-b2c2cc489e87[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”33″ ]weird-couple1[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”34″ ]8d3c8e64-f9f0-4930-a1a2-2fa0f1a61157[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”35″ ][/nextpage]

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