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37 Images Of People Doing Crazy And Weird Things In Public – Part 2

These 37 images of people exhibiting crazy and weird behavior in public and the ones in part one, will blow your mind. Guy in #8 must have mistaken “grab a bus to work” to literally mean grab a bus to work.  Guy in #16 created his very own hammock, to get more confy while snoozing on a moving train.

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#1 When You Improvise On A Scuba Diving Trip

people-doing-crazy-things-part3-11[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”2″ ]

#2 When You Need That Sleep At All Cost

people-of-public-transit[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”3″ ]

#3 What People Do For Food

to-market[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”4″ ]

#4 When You Relate To Furries

public-transportation-fails-01[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”5″ ]

#5 When You Need A Pole For Support

pole-17792[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”6″ ]

#6 When You Fall Asleep On Public Transport

people-who-travel-on-public-transport-will-know1[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”7″ ]

#7 Public Loo

funny-people-in-public[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”8″ ]

#8 That’s Not What They Meant When They Said “Grab A Bus To Work”


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#9 You Got Jack In Then Box … And Then Snoozer In The Box

funny-public-transportation-pictures-640-061[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”10″ ]

#10 Expectation Vs Reality

how-beach-expectations-turn-into-reality-08[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”11″ ]

#11 Rocking The Uniform

funny-public-transportation-08[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”12″ ]

#12 LOL! I see what You Did There

funny-public-transportation-01-500x350[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”13″ ]

#13 The Subway Knitter

publictransportation26[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”14″ ]

#14 You Guys Need A Room

publictransporttion23[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”15″ ]

#15 Curious… What Going On Under That Blanket

publictransportation21[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”16″ ]

#16 Snoozing On A Train

publictransportation20[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”17″ ]

#17 When You Want Your Privacy

publictransportation19[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”18″ ]

#18 Ummm… Whats That?

publictransportation18[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”19″ ]

#19 That’s Just Sad

publictransportation17[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”20″ ]

#20 ….. ???? Speechless

publictransportation14[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”21″ ]

#21 Car Taking A Train

publictransportation10[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”22″ ]

#22 When You Need To Have That Dinner Ready On Time

publictranportation8[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”23″ ]

#23 This Guy And His Bird

publictransportation4[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”24″ ]

#24 Rat Attack?

publictransporttion1[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”25″ ]

#25 This Cone Guy

j1[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”26″ ]

#26 When You Play With Electricity

13146f2bda05be6962c3e37b8bb11f86[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”27″ ]

#27 Just Turn The Sop Into A Living Room

people-doing-crazy-things-public-05[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”28″ ]

#28 Some Rules Are Just… LOL

people-doing-crazy-things-public-11[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”29″ ]

#29 Who’s The Big Baby

people-doing-crazy-things-public-19[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”30″ ]

#30 Balancing Act

people-doing-crazy-things-public-18[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”31″ ]

#31 Why Not Create Your Own Car

awewsome-pictures-_vrsv[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”32″ ]

#32 When You Take Your Office With You

awewsome-pictures-_vrsc[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”33″ ]

#33 The Cruise Biker

people-with-absolutely-zero-fucks-to-give-_vwmx[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”34″ ]

#34 When You Think you own The Streets

people-with-absolutely-zero-fucks-to-give-_vwmc[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”35″ ]

#35 Now That’s Riding A Banana

photos-of-things-you-don-_vwyk[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”36″ ]

#36 Weird Hair Day

photos-of-things-you-don-_vr2j[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”37″ ]

#37 That’s Either Genius Or Stupid… LOL

photos-of-things-you-don-_vr2w[/nextpage] Check Out: Part 1 Of People Doing Crazy And Weird Things

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