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50 Cent Desperately Seeking Renter For His MANSION!


Ever since 50 cent lost his court case over the alleged tape and filed for bankruptcy, he has been trying to show how things are tight for him. To raise money to pay off people he is owing and possibly make a quick buck he has put up his massive Connecticut estate for rent… one of his greatest assets.

His lawyers revealed the rapper is now trying to sublet the mansion which features 21 bedrooms, 9 kitchens, and even a freakin’ CASINO!

No word on how much 50’s asking, but bankruptcy docs show he’d been paying $72,000 per month just for maintenance on the place.

With previous owners like Mike Tyson and a Lithuanian businessman both of which also went belly up when they called it home. The mansion is financially cursed — future owners beware!

Talk about a money pit.

Click below to view images of 50 Cents – when all was gong well


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