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Oklahoma DJ Bitten By Snake After He Steps On It While Texting

We know how dangerous it is to text and drive but in oklahoma it could be dangerous to text and walk. An Oklahoma Dj who stepped on a snake while walking across a parking lot because he was distracted by his cell phone learnt it pays to pay attention to where you are going.

The Dj, Tim Malone was walking to work at OK Skateland in Chickasha, completely missed the four-foot long bull snake slithering in his path. He attention was on his android smartphone and not whats going on around him. A surveillance camera captured the encounter, as the snake sunk its teeth into the man’s leg before slithering away.

Malone who is seen in the video, leaping into the air and running away after the snake bites just above his ankle, told KOCO ‘Adrenaline took over. And then I realized it was a snake and I started kicking. Get it off,’

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