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Experts Advice You To Do This When An Elephant Charges At You

What would you do when a scary animal comes charging at you? Or when a huge elephant comes charging at you? Do you stand your ground or run for the hills? Experts insist that the best way to dela with such situation is to stand your ground and show the elephant who’s the boss but pur natural instinct in such situation is to head for the hills.

One man in thailand has probably proved experts right or he just got lucky if the elephant was merely messing with him. In the insane clip below, a man watching an elephant was caught offguard when the animal suddenly charges at him, but instead of running the man stood his ground and the elephant eventually backed off. That man has got to have some pretty big cojones.

Just like this couple enjoyng a day at the pool when suddenly an elephant crashes the party, this guy never flinched. I would have headed for the hills.

What do you think?

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