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Meet The One of 25 Poor Siblings Turned Celebrity Driver

Meet The One of 25 Poor Siblings Turned Celebrity Driver

Life can spring up surprises on you. 35 year old man named Idrissa grew up living inside a mud hut in Niger along with 24 of his other siblings in a very poor family. Today he finds himself living comfortably and honorably as a Uber driver. More importantly, he is driving cars for Hollywood celebrities. He has appeared on the cover of New York Times alongside pop star Rihanna and says that he has been fortunate enough to drive countless other celebrities as an Uber blackcar for driver.

Oumarau Idrissa says that he has gotten to be in company of the stars not only while driving for them but also when he had attended the parties thrown by celebrities. Yes, this man has been fortunate enough to be invited by Hollywood celebrities as a guest in their parties.

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Idrissa with Rihanna the night he met her at a party.

Idrissa doesn’t even want to recall the memories of his childhood. He says that 4 of his siblings died prematurely because of diseases. There were three ladies to look after 2 kids as his father married not once but thrice. There was no electricity, running water, and even bathroom inside his home that was made of mud. He says that he and his siblings went outside and excreted in holes that were dug for the purpose of excretion.

He said that living in utter poverty, he had to start working at a tender age of 11. He used to sell bread to earn some money to fulfill some of his essential needs. His father earned a monthly salary of only $100 that was not enough to support a large family of so many kids.

idrissa with Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Idrissa with Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Idrissa says that though they did not have money for food and clothes, all siblings were close to each other. It was this love and support that kept the family together. But in 1998, a storm brought down the roof of his mud house and the entire family shifted into the premises of a school. A year later, Idrissa’s brother received a US visa and he went there. He supported the family with his income in the US.

In 2004, Idrissa earned a student visa to visit US. He not only studied but did a lot of jobs before finding a job as an Uber driver. It was after becoming a driver that he got in touch with celebrities in L.A. Today he is earning $1200 a week and sending money back in Niger to support his family.

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