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10 Celebrities Who Sing About Their Exes

10 Celebrities Who Sing About Their Exes

What better way to get over a painful breakup other than writing a song about the ‘douche’ or ‘bitch’ who broke your heart? The saying “Don’t wash your dirty laundry in public” does not apply to many of the singers who decided that it was time for them to tell the world about their disastrous relationships. Therefore, here are our nominees:

1. Taylor Swift

Swift performing in Sydney during the Speak Now World Tour in 2012

The first one who comes up in people’s minds every time this subject is exposed is this drama-queen. Taylor has put her heart out many times in the songs she performed and the only thing we have to say is “Ouch!”. No one would want to be on this diva’s black list. As sweet and pure as she may seem, Taylor has taught the world that if you mess with her heart, you get a ‘swift’. This is what happened to her ex-boyfriend, John Mayer, who received as a “prize” for ‘giving her love than taking it away’ in the song called “Dear John”. Dear John, you did wrong to break Taylor’s heart so you had to pay for that.

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