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A Camera Caught This Scary Creature In The Deep Ocean

A Camera Caught This Scary Creature In The Deep Ocean

Deep down, the ocean is full of undiscovered creatures that tend to amaze or terrify us when a discovery is made. In the video below a bizzare creatue is captured floating in the deep sea, it looks almost like an over grown jellyfish, which have lead some to speculated it’s a type of jellyfish called Deepstaria enigmatica. To me it looks like something i don’t want to encounter while taking a dive into the deep ocean, as it looks like it can wrap it self around me and swallow me whole. Either way it safe to say it looks terrifying.

Makes you wonder what other unknown and undiscovered creatures are lurking beneath the deep ocean. CDheckout the video below and let us know what you think it is.

Strange Unidentified Sea Monster Caught on Video


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