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10 Extreme Sports That Are Not For The Faint Hearted

7 – Mountain Climbing:

Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing is a very popular extreme sport that is not for the faint hearted. It involves climbing up and down the mountains. As you can imagine the climbers are exposed to many risks. The sport requires the climbers to be extremely fit and one has to have years of experience before moving on to climb some of the tougher mountains. The sport is responsible for many deaths every year.

6 – Cave Diving:

Cave Diving

Cave diving was pioneered by Jacques Costeau. The divers dive into and explore underwater caves. Underwater caves are very unpredictable. As you would expect the caves are dark and require a certain level of bravery to explore. Then there are dangers like equipment failure, unpredictable water currents and losing your way out.

5 – Street Luge:

Street Luge

This is a lot like skate boarding and can be defined as an extreme version of skate boarding. It is a gravity powered extreme sport that involves riding street luge board down a road. The riders can reach extreme speeds up to 97mph or 157km/h. The question is how does one apply breaks at such extreme speeds on a board? The answer is, using your own feet!

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