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10 Places That Are Hard to Live in Because of Extreme Weather Conditions

10 Places That Are Hard to Live in Because of Extreme Weather Conditions

Earth is an amazing planet with great diversity in terms of the creatures present on it, the terrain and the weather conditions. Many places on Earth are very hard to live in because of various reasons. One of these reasons is extreme weather conditions. Extreme weather conditions are often experienced by different places on Earth, but there are some places that experience extreme weather conditions persistently and regularly. This makes them hard to live in.
Following is a list of top 10 places that are hard to live in because of extreme weather conditions:

10 – Zulia (Venezuela)


Place with Most Persistent Thunderstorms
Catatumbo lightening is the most persistent and most regular thunderstorm in the world. It is in Zulia, Venezuela. It is almost a continuous thunderstorm with nearly 20,000 flashes of light every night. The Thunderstorm is seen about 150 nights every year and it lasts an average 10 hours every night.

9 – Lloro (Colombia)

lloro colombia

The Wettest Place on Earth
A town in Colombia, named Lloro is the wettest place on Earth. The town sees an annual rainfall of nearly 40 feet. The residents of the town make their living by cutting the trees in the nearby rainforest. And as you can expect it is almost always raining in the rainforest and is always wet and slippery.

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