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Top 10 Hardest Jobs in the World

Top 10 Hardest Jobs in the World

Many People complain about their jobs being hard. Some of the complaints are genuine while others seem ironic when compared to some of the hardest jobs in the world. The hardest jobs in the world involve significant levels of stress and/or danger. Why do people choose these jobs? Well, in some cases it is their passion due to which they choose a hard and dangerous job. But in most cases it is the lack of availability of other work that leads them to do such hard jobs.

Following are the top 10 hardest jobs in the world:

10 – Sewer Cleaner


Sewer Cleaners have it pretty bad. They are required to clean the human waste from the sewers. It is not only smelly and disgusting down there but it also presents many health risks for the sewer cleaners. Many sewer cleaners in different parts of the world don’t even have access to proper equipment and clothing.

9 – Pro Diver

pro divers

Diving for leisure and entertainment while on vacations is surely fun. But being a professional diver is one of the most physically challenging and dangerous jobs in the world. Pro divers have to make dives for underwater drilling, construction, maintenance work etc.

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