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10 Upcoming Technologies That Will Change the World

10 Upcoming Technologies That Will Change the World

Imagine your world without technology. Today everything around us revolves around science and technology. Modern day inventions like cell phones, computers, cars, the internet, airplanes, etc. have changed the world. And today technology is changing at a very rapid speed. The fact is that there are hundreds of thousands of scientists and researchers working to create the ‘next big thing’ in various fields of science and technology. We are seeing innovation in tech on a daily basis and there are many amazing technologies under development that will change the world.

Here is a list of 10 upcoming technologies that will change the world we live in:

10 – Reusable Rockets:

First_stage_of_Jason-3_rocket_(24423604506)First stage of Falcon 9 Flight 21 descending over the floating landing platform, 17 January 2016, immediately prior to a soft touchdown followed by deflagration of the rocket after a landing leg failed to latch, causing the rocket to tip over.

One of the major issues in going to other planets and in space exploration is the cost. A rocket costs hundreds of millions of dollars and can only be used for one flight. If we are able to use the same rocket again and again just like the airplanes, space travel will become a little more affordable. Companies like Space X and Blue Origin have already demonstrated successful rocket landings. However, more research and experimentation is underway.

9 – Wireless Power:

Electric_car_wireless_parking_charge_closeupPrototype inductive electric car charging system at 2011 Tokyo Auto Show

Do you find the numerous electricity wires present everywhere to be annoying? Scientists are working on wireless power. This will allow the electricity to reach from one place to another without the ugly wiring. The successful demonstration of the technology has already been shown on small scale. And some companies are already offering cellphones with wireless charging feature.

8 – Robotics:

640px-TOPIO_3TOPIO, a humanoid robot, played ping pong at Tokyo IREX 2009.

Robots are on the rise! Well, not like they are shown in the movie Terminator, but in more human friendly and useful ways. While the robots that can serve humans are not yet ready, we do have robots serving in various industries on a limited scale. In future robots are expected to take over many jobs that are currently occupied by humans, these include pharmacists, drivers, astronauts, soldiers, store clerks and even babysitters.

7 – Augmented Reality:

LandForm+_Augmented_Reality_SystemLandForm+ is a geographic augmented reality system used for search and rescue, and emergency management.

Augmented reality will change the way we see our world. It can be described as a live view of real-world environment whose elements have been augmented by the computer generated graphics, sounds, video, or GPS data. There are many big companies, including Google and Facebook investing in this field. And we can expect to see a number of augmented reality devices hit the market this year.

6 – 3D Printing:

640px-I_robot_carThe Audi RSQ was made with rapid prototyping industrial KUKA robots

Imagine being able to print something you see on a computer, right at your home with just a few clicks. 3D printers are already a reality. But the technology is still in early stages. Currently the scope of 3D printers is limited and they are too expensive. However, we can expect that the technology will get better and more affordable with time.

5 – Quantum Teleportation:


Teleportation of human beings might be far away, but quantum teleportation might be possible within next few years. It is the teleportation of atomic particles from one place to another. Quantum teleportation will revolutionize the speed of communication.

4 – Self-Diagnostic Medicine:


With Self-Diagnostic Medicine, people will be able to diagnose themselves as an alternative to the doctors. This will reduce the need of going to professional doctors and by using advanced technology on cell phones one will get a quick and easy diagnosis. Web MD is a good example of this technology.

3 – Nanotechnology:


Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on atomic, molecular and supermolecular scale. The technology is expected to revolutionize the modern computing. It will not only make the computers faster but it will also make them smaller. Nanotechnology also has the potential of revolutionizing the field of health & medicine.

2 – Artificial Intelligence:

Asimo1_2050237cHonda Motor Co.’s revamped human-shaped robot “Asimo” uses Japanese sign language Photo: AP

You might be surprised to know that Artificial Intelligence already exists and you are already using it. It is in your cell phone, in the ATM machines that you use and even in your cars. But, what about the advanced AI which we see in movies? Well, that is on its way too. With leading billionaires and tech insiders like Bill Gates and Elon Musk warning about the advancements in AI, we can be sure to expect something big in next few years.

1 – Internet of Things:

Internet_of_things_signed_by_the_authorThe “Internet of Things” connects devices and vehicles using electronic sensors and the Internet.

Internet of Things is the next big thing after the Internet. You can imagine the IoT as an invisible network, made from physical objects or things present around you. All these things around you will have smart sensors, will be connected to the internet and will be able to collect and exchange data, with other objects, with you, with your doctor, etc. This will lead to a completely new kind of lifestyle that will be highly smart and efficient.

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