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The $1 BILLION World’s Largest Cruise Ship

Today, more than as ever, there is a substantial need for new traveling sources that indeed support the strategic objectives and pleasure voyages. To accomplish these purposes, many attempts were made to ensure the convenience of travelers and to provide best services during long trips. At last, as a result of a 32 months hardwork,  the new world’s largest cruise ship has been made. This largest ship has spent the 32 months in the shipyard of France and thousands of French workmen and engineers took part in this world changing construction.


Captain Johnny Faevelen heads this world’s largest cruise ship and the ship has started its journey from Paris to the United Kingdom with thousands of paid passengers excited for their first voyage on such ship. The next tour of this ship is going to start on May 22 from Barcelona. A look at the features and properties of this ship shows the difference and wideness compared to others, anyone will agree that it’s parts and services are amazing and incredible. 1 billion dollars was spent in its construction, and its width is 1,187 feet long and has 16 decks which heighten its beauty and lifetime. It is like a floating city on the sea water and has various portions for passengers. It is even taller than building of Eiffel Tower and thisshows how big and tall the cruise ship is as it holds the record of the largest and tallest cruise ship ever built.

It has a capacity to hold 6,300 passengers and offers a 2.500 rooms at same time. The halls are fully furnished  and has rooms, well-equipped with all necessary everyday items. There are also more than 20 restaurants where every type of meal is available according to taste of its passengers from all around the world.  There are 23 pools in this floating city which guarantee entertainment for its passengers. In addition, for greenery lovers, there is a big park including more than 10,000 plants and 50 trees.

There are many rinks which can be used for various types of skating activities on the ice. There are hundreds of other entertainment venues to make its every journey more memorable. You don’t wanna miss the opportunity to grab a cruise on this world biggest cruise ship.

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