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Divers That Plunge 100 Feet below the Arctic Ice without SCUBA Gear (For Fun)

No doubt diving is a dangerous sport, but it is very adventurous for many people in the world. Free diving below the Arctic ice is a different thing. In this, you are many feet underwater below the solid roof of ice with no scuba gear. There is darkness everywhere beneath the ice, and you have to hold your breath while water pressure compresses your lungs. The only way to come out of water is a small hole above you, unlike pure diving. However it is very dangerous for most of the people, but it is very famous worldwide.

The divers have to take many precautions before diving in deep water under a solid roof of ice, like if his position underwater is right or not, his types of equipment are working well or not, etc. The first and foremost challenge of a diver is to maintain his position under icy water. Underwater there is plenty of darkness all around, and the diver cannot see with naked eye. However divers have some light pieces of equipment for night diving, but it is still tough to maintain position to the ice hole because you are about 100 feet underwater, and you cannot see there well.

Free diving creates some mental effects to the diver and with such effects a diver cannot dives frequently. When a diver is about 100 feet below in the water, water stress is too much to handle. It compresses your lungs which cause lack of oxygen, and it can make you feel dizzy, and it is impossible to dive in such conditions. Most of the people dive just for fun. But if you have no experience of diving in depth or diving in the night, it will make  you feel uncomfortable while diving, and diving is no fun if you feel uncomfortable, cold or physically disturb. Many deaths take place every year during free diving below the arctic ice. Safety is always a top priority for everyone.

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