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This Is How Contact Lenses Were Made Back In The Days

Contact Lenses (1948) Australian newsreel titles read: 'The Eyes Have It. NEW LOOK IN GLASSES'. Sydney, Australia. C/U of woman's eyes wearing massive contact lenses - looks quite uncomfortable. Several shots show the complete process of making the contact lenses. Australia's only contact lens maker, Penrhyn Thomas, inserts an impression cup containing material for taking a cast of the eyeball over the woman's eye (which has been anaesthetised). The substance sets (looks awful, when the woman moves her eyeball the whole cup moves too!) and the cup and cast are removed. Several shots of Penrhyn moulding the lens from the cast and the plastic lens being ground, checked and buffed. He then fits it into the woman's eye, using a buffer solution, and dabs the eye with a towel. He checks they are in the correct position. C/U of woman's eyes, looking rather sore, with the lenses in place. Big C/U of eye with contact lens, winking. Cataloguer's note: this looks horrible! Yeuch! This should be avoided by squeamish people. 90,000 historic films, all SEARCHABLE on YouTube at: Join us on Facebook at: Tweet us @britishpathe FILM ID:2463.03

Old contact lenses: This Is How Contact Lenses Were Made Back In The Days

Wow, this looks like a torture indeed… ! Nowadays, contact lenses are super accessible and they’re pretty comfortable to wear, even more than glasses, so that’s why people use lenses more often. But guess what they had to do back in 1948 in order to get contact lenses.

Process wasn’t as simple as it is now. video reveals how early contact lenses were tailored to fit individual eyeballs…

By then, the eyesight-fixing fixture had been on the market for about a decade, and was made from the thinnest and clearest material available at the time – glass.

Yes, each lens was shaped from a durable form of glass that was then shaped to correct any visual impairment. But it’s how they made a cast of the eye that was the most eye-watering looking part…

Just one word: terrifying.

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