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Shocking Footage Of People Going Inside A Tornado

Inside a tornado: Shocking Footage Of People Going Inside A Tornado

Is not weird that some people are scared of that powerful and scary thing called tornado. Most people do, but certainly not those thrill seekers and filmmakers. They want to get as close to a tornado as they can.

These thrill seekers are not really scared and to be able to watch every single detail, they create heavy-duty, custom vehicles that can stand up to the high winds of a tornado. Two of them are the Tornado Intercept Vehicle 1 and Tornado Intercept Vehicle 2. Both of them were conceived by filmmaker Sean Casey and also designed to film with an IMAX camera within or just very close to the tornado.

Video shows a test from inside the TIV as they drove straight toward a violent wedge tornado in Kansas where the winds were registering at 150 to 175 miles per hour… wow!

Even with these fortresses, nature is more powerful that we think it is, and maybe one day it could show it off to us. TIV’s, stay tuned!

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