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The Trick On how To Survive A Sinking Car

The Trick On how To Survive A Sinking Car

Seems that all those who get caught in a car that’s going under water do exactly everything that they’re not supposed to do.

In fact, the first 30 seconds are the ones that decide if you survive or not. Speed is the key. Don’t panic, that will be useless in situations like this one. Don’t call 911 while you’re in the car, you can do that once you’re safe, right?

More than a hundred people were killed when their cars were caught in a river or flash flood.
The video explains how you should get out of the car before it sinks and how you can save your life in less than 20 seconds.

If this ever happens to you, you know what do now. Internet is so cool when it tells us useful things like this, huh…

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