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Singer Dies From Cobra Bite While On Stage

Cobra on stage: Singer Dies From Cobra Bite While On Stage

Wow, this is so disturbing… An Indonesian singer, Irma Bule, passed away earlier this month when she got bitten by a cobra on stage. A cobra that she actively danced with while she performed.

These things don’t happen too often, as not all singers are ready to do such a dangerous performance, nor made to these kind of animals. Cobras are one of the most dangerous and threatening animals ever.

Apparently, it wasn’t the first time that Irma did this, so this was like a routine for her, it was a common feature in her shows.

The trick she wanted to do ended up really wrong… Irma accidentally stepped on the snake’s tail and it, in turn, bit her on the thigh. She continued to sing for about 45 minutes before succumbing to vomiting and seizures. Sadly, she died later that day.

Maybe she was singing ”’Once bitten, twice die ”…

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