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Baby Deer Rescued From Flooding By Bystanders

Baby Deer rescued!: Baby Deer Rescued From Flooding By Bystanders

Due to a heavy rainfall in Western Pennsylvania, many roadways became flooded. We all know these weather inconveniences can be horrible and sometimes can end in a very dramatic way.

Flooding is extremely dangerous and has the potential to wipe away an entire city, coastline or area, and cause even an extensive damage to life and property. It also has great erosive power and can be extremely destructive, even if it is a foot high. When floods happen in an area that people live, the water carries along objects like houses, bridges, cars, furniture and even people. It can wipe away farms, trees and many more heavy items.

Fortunately, some people were rescued from the floods but the wildlife in the woodlands surrounding the rivers that were swelling from the increase in water quickly became victims.

A news team was in the field trying to report on the severe weather and then, suddenly, they saw a baby deer get swept away in a river. The good part is that he has been rescued by the reporters and a passerby.

The lovely creature will be released back into the wild once it makes a full recovery.

I can’t imagine what a rough time this poor animal went through until the rescue was done, but hey, here we have another wonderful ending!

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