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Cameraman Almost Became Shark Food

Cameraman Almost Became Shark Food

There are so many dangerous jobs out there,but i really believe that one of the worst jobs ever could easily be being an underwater cameraman. Damn, Nature is beautiful and brilliant, but it can also be threatening at the same time, and this man and his team know it for real! Open water is full of creatures who can scare you in a wink of an eye, without expecting it; unluckily, these persons have the proof of it.

Of course, being completely submerged in the deep blue sea, operating a camera and cozying up next to some of the ocean’s most intimidating beasts is not something that everyone can do. And less if you’re recording one of the most dangerous predators of all times: The Great White Shark!

In that exact moment, we can get to see the amazing sharpness of these creatures teeth, and that was only a scratch… we all know sharks are very strong, but wow!

Lucky man, and lucky camera, although I guess he’ll need a new one, but being positive, he now has a proof of that day when he had such a beast by his side and nothing more serious happened to be considered part of the next shark movies plot.

Terrifying but awesome experience!


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