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You’ve Heard About Man Cave, Ever Heard About She Shed?

The She Shed: You’ve Heard About Man Cave, Ever Heard About She Shed?

So why only guys can have fun in those ‘Man Caves’? girls also need to have some fun from time to time, or I think that’s what is fair. Man caves was a game changer for men, so they could watch sports, play video games or do anything they would like to do.

A woman was exploring new property when she found a tiny cabin. What she did with it is so damn cool! She managed to transform that haunting look into her paradise with her personal touch.

These tiny cottages are perfect for women who want alone time for reading, creating, gardening, or even napping if they feel like it. There are no rules to building a She Shed; they’re anything you want them to be. Women have shared their versions of the she shed all over Instagram, and some of them are so beautiful that they have basically ripped out my soul and put it into interior design. And the best part is, people are managing to do it pretty cheaply!


Only one hundred and twenty square feet inside, although it seems to be all a girl needs to relax, chill and recharge in her very own and private space.

You know… girls just want to have fun!

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