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Lion Pounces On Kids … Wait Till You See What Happened Next

Lion attack: Lion Pounces On Kids … Wait Till You See What Happened Next

A few inches of glass actually avoided this 2 year old boy from a horrible situation.
All kids tend to love animals, no matter how big or wild they are, every child love going to the Zoo.

This case took place in Chiba’s zoo, Japan. This kid turned around after getting an up-close and a nice view of the powerful male lion when, the feline took advantage of that, pretending to get a closer look at the little cutie: lion attempted to pounce on him, but slams into glass, which made the feline feel a bit frustrated while saving this kid’s life at the same time.

Imagine what could have happened if the barrier had not held up…this could have ended up in a terrific way. Some people could think that the lion only wanted to play without causing any harm; this is what zookeepers kept saying but the truth is that it’s quite hard to come to a solid conclusion. However, Adam Roberts, chief executive of Born Free USA, has a very different opinion.

We all know that lions are natural predators, and the kid, turning his back to the feline, became prey in his eyes.

We’re very glad that the lion and the kid are okay and that this was only a scare.


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