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This Pug Has A Different Idea When It Comes To Scales

Pug weight: This Pug Has A Different Idea When It Comes To Scales

Beware, hilarious video is coming!

Nowadays, mostly everyone thinks that being thin is a synonym of beauty and they worry too much about weight. A lot of people is already concerned and convinced that everything has its own beauty. This video here proves that dogs are, too, and if you don’t believe me, just check this video and you’ll see for yourself.

Some people start their days by weighing themselves for many different reasons, because they’re on diets, because it’s just something they’re used to or either because they feel like it.

However, this is not about the dog’s owner but the dog: when this man tries to weigh his pug, this smart doggie tries his best to take the scale off of his owner’s hands. He even scratches it, he barks and jumps all around the room like crazy and even take the scale onto his mouth trying to convince his owner that he doesn’t needs to check his weight.

Definitely I’ve never seen an animal so worried about his weight. He’s simply too cute.

Will this man try to weigh him while his pug is sleeping? Seems that it is only way he can get him to the scale.


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