Is This An Alien Skull?

Is This An Alien Skull?

Wow! Conspiracy theorists spot strange-shaped ‘alien’ rock in Nasa images of red planet! Can you believe this? This is not the first time investigators have claimed to find unusual objects on the red planet.

Global space agencies and scientists have spent billions in the search for signs of alien life on the surface of Mars, but according to alien hunters, it may have been staring them in the face.

A video posted by a self-styled paranormal investigator claims to have identified the skull of a giant alien or Sasquatch simply lying about on the surface of the red planet. What do you really think about this? Do you believe it iss real?
Maybe is just our mind playing fool, trying to make us see meaningful shapes and patterns in random objects. Not saying that there is no life in Mars, but this is totally different. Well, the object appears to have eyes and a nose, too.

However, no one can be sure if this is real or not. Maybe they just made this to create a little polemic out there, or to freak us out, or any other reason that we cannot understand. But, if it is real we might get ready and call MIB’s, just in case…

What do you think?

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