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When Love For Snakes Goes Too Far

When Love For Snakes Goes Too Far

Some people’s tastes are somewhat… weird. Certain people love snakes, and Amy is one of those who has a big, strange love for these creatures that a lot of people hate.

Amy Siewe, a Youtube user, has a huge obsession with the reptiles, the way she loves them it’s almost sick. She finds these slithering things fascinating.

Back in 2011, she uploaded the following video that you’re about to watch ( I do not recommend it if you have a snake phobia), where she shows to everyone her love for snakes.
In the video you can see how Amy grabs a big amount of snakes from the water, as well as all bites she received from each one of them… ouch, that must hurt a lot!

Water snakes are known to be very aggressive; when handled, they always tend to hiss or even bite, just as a defense, so, for this reason, mainly, they do not make good pets. They sometimes become aggressive when approached even if they are not touched.

But their bits seemt to not be too important to Amy, she kept on catching snakes and even laugh and talk about it with his pal who was recording the video.

She’s so lucky they weren’t venomous!

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