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And This Is Why Dogs Should Have Freedom

And This Is Why Dogs Should Have Freedom

For sure animals are too adorable and we all want them with us in our homes as our pets, we want to love them, cuddle them and take care of them. But I think dogs are happier when they’re free, when they can do whatever they like, run to whenever they feel like, feel in direct communication with nature and its environment, and that’s the true freedom for them.

If you don’t think this is true, just take a look at this video and you will see it by yourself.

A four-acre property is home to 45 rescue dogs and one wolf hybrid as well!

The lovely sight of a pack of happy dogs is what this people are greeted with every single day when they open the doors and all dogs run free, exploring anything and everything at the same time… have you seen something better than this? Even the guy recording the video is so happy that dogs are, too, and that they can enjoy that moment as they do.

This big herd is really running the show! That’s how every and single animal should be free.

I bet all of them are in love with freedom.

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