How To Build A Pallet Playhouse For $50

How To Build A Pallet Playhouse For $50

Kids love to play, and they need different challenges to play too or otherwise they might get tired, as we all know, kids always are in need of new things, so I can only imagine how cheerful and happy the kid of this man was when his father showed him what he just did for him (and perhaps, his kid’s friends also!).

This handy man took the time to record how he did this awesome thing: build this adorable pallet playhouse in only a two minute video tutorial. Yes, this is a ‘Do It Youself’, so now you can have your own playhouse or either give it as a surprise to your nephews. And maybe one of the best thing about this is that you will spend less than 50 dollars! So why don’t you start making your own playhouse? We’ll assure you it’s a lot of fun.

You will only need 4 tools. You will need to build the floor, the roof, the doors and the walls, and fill in the slats with extra wood for the walls and door. Use plywood for the floor, roof and porch and only a few more steps will get you the best playhouse!

We seriously love this ‘DIY’ tutorials. Saves our time, money, and make us have fun.

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