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When Your Dog Takes “Fetch” To A New Level

Ball thrower: When Your Dog Takes “Fetch” To A New Level

If only we could be happy and have fun all the time, it would be great. World would be greater, we would be different too; more cheerful persons, that is for sure.

But we can be very thankful that we can have happy times even if it is from time to time only, which make us appreciate happiness even more and in a better way.

Anyway… we know this dog is probably the happiest one in the world when he can get to play with his ball thrower.

His owner(s) might have made this to make him enjoy his playtime even more without having to throw him the ball every time he likes to, which seems to be pretty often, by the way), is this too much laziness or a too smart idea? Just wondering…

Buddy got off to a rough start, but once he found his forever home, tail-wagging became the adorable norm.

Wow, he looks so happy and so excited when he gets to pick up the ball. What is the most hilarious thing about the video is the little dance he does while waiting the ball to be thrown, he just do little jumps in front of the machine with the most thrilling attitude I have ever seen in my life.

Go, Buddy!

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