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Spaz The Dog Rescue

Spaz The Dog Rescue

SPAZ, a Greek rescue organization, was informed about a severely sick shepherd dog wandering alone in a rural area near Athens, Greece. He was totally sick, struggling to survive on his own.

When SPAZ arrived and saw him, their hearts just broke. And this video will prove you what an amazing and wonderful these organizations do for dogs, you won’t believe the before and the after look of this shepherd.

The dog was extremely fearful, refusing humans to get close to him. I don’t jude him at all,who knows what he had to go through? That’s why the rescuers had to lace food with tranquilizer, and after an hour, the dog finally laid down.
He remained calm even during his trip to the vet. He had one of his ears cut off, was infested with fleas and ticks, lost most of his hair, as well as many injuries all over his body, but no, he’s a healthy dog, so lovely and beautiful and learning how to trust, love and be loved again.

Once treated he was taken to a shelter, waiting for his forever home. He’s still so shy, which is understandable, but now at least we all can smile when looking at him.
If you want to learn more or even donate, please, visit their website:

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