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Incredibly Amazing Salt Art

Incredibly Amazing Salt Art

You won’t believe with what he made this amazing piece of art. Just one hint: is something you always have in the kitchen. Can’t you guess it? Is not something you have seen before so I think it is not an easy guess: it’s salt.

Dino Tomic is a talented Croatian tattoo artist in Norway, who likes to create gripping realistic drawings when he’s not tattooing..He used salt to make this amazing work you can see below; on the video, you can see his technique and we can see a brilliant horse as he keeps on going doing what he loves most, and we can certainly notice he does, however, he has done many more amazing works, which you should take a look whenever you have some time, this man does a wonderful art!

His drawings, whether drawing upon horror and sci-fi elements or looking to realistic models for inspiration, pulse with dynamic force and an unique style too.

To see more of his artwork, you can check his Facebook or Instagram.


Anyway, there is one thing we can not deny, and it is just that there are too many talented people out there, and Dino is an amazing one!

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