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    A Paralyzed Man Can Now Move His Hand With His Own Thoughts

    A paralyzed man can now move his hand with his own thoughts! Wow!

    Ian Burkhart was only a teenager when he lost all movement in his hands and legs. He broke his neck after diving into waves during a beach holiday when he was 19.

    He has become the first person to be implanted with technology that sends signals from the brain to muscles, allowing him to regain some movement in his right arm hand and wrist, is providing novel insights about how the brain reacts to injury.

    Researchers at Ohio State University in Columbus were developing a reanimation technology and, why not, they decided to have the microchip implanted, which was the best thing that could happen to Ian, because now, with their help, he is currently able to make isolated finger movements and perform six different wrist and hand motions, enabling him to, among other things, pick up a glass of water, and even play a guitar-based video game.


    Of course, there are limitations on the freedom that the device affords Burkhart. The system can be used only in the laboratory and needs to be recalibrated at the start of each session, also, can’t feel the objects that he’s manipulating.
    But hey, this is a so remarkable story, and at least, Ian can now do things that he wasn’t be able to do before.

    Thank you, technology! you do good things for people like Ian Burkhart.

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    This Russian Family Has a Cuddly Bear as a Pet

    This Russian Family Has a Cuddly Bear as a Pet

    Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko might seem an ordinary couple, just like any other. But there is something they have that no one else has and you won’t believe what it is… their pet is a 23-year-old bear who they named Stepan.

    Yes, yes, a bear is a bear, but Stepan is so domesticated that the family is well known to watch the television together, having tea parties, helping out around the house, among other things, just like any other normal couple. Not saying that they are not, what it is not really so normal is their pet. Not always you get to know someone who has a bear as a lovely pet.

    Standing at more than seven foot, the large mammal is so domesticated the family often sit down together in the evenings to watch television.


    And the bear has even been known to help out around the house – or at least in the garden – by watering the plants.
    While Stepan gets through more than a bowl of porridge a day his favourite dish is a can of condensed milk thanks to a sweet tooth.

    I can only feel jealous of this couple. This family is truly un-bear-lievable.

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    Incredibly Amazing Salt Art

    Incredibly Amazing Salt Art

    You won’t believe with what he made this amazing piece of art. Just one hint: is something you always have in the kitchen. Can’t you guess it? Is not something you have seen before so I think it is not an easy guess: it’s salt.

    Dino Tomic is a talented Croatian tattoo artist in Norway, who likes to create gripping realistic drawings when he’s not tattooing..He used salt to make this amazing work you can see below; on the video, you can see his technique and we can see a brilliant horse as he keeps on going doing what he loves most, and we can certainly notice he does, however, he has done many more amazing works, which you should take a look whenever you have some time, this man does a wonderful art!

    His drawings, whether drawing upon horror and sci-fi elements or looking to realistic models for inspiration, pulse with dynamic force and an unique style too.

    To see more of his artwork, you can check his Facebook or Instagram.


    Anyway, there is one thing we can not deny, and it is just that there are too many talented people out there, and Dino is an amazing one!

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    Kim Kardashian Goes To Break the Internet Again!!!

    Kimmy is back at it again…this time stripping down completely on Thursday for some selfies. The 35-year-old looks amazing in the snapchat video she posted showing she’s still got it though she insisted she was just showing off her spray tan in the raunchy Snapchat photos which she shared from her Miami hotel room.

    In the snapchat video you can hear kim ay to her fans … ‘I just did a midnight spray tan you guys.Tanorexic.’

    kim-kardashian-goes-nude-again[nextpage title=”1″ ]

    In all seriousness I’m going to be totally selfless for this one last post. Thanks for being my main bitch! Happy Birthday!

    A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

    [/nextpage][nextpage title=”2″ ]


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    Spaz The Dog Rescue

    Spaz The Dog Rescue

    SPAZ, a Greek rescue organization, was informed about a severely sick shepherd dog wandering alone in a rural area near Athens, Greece. He was totally sick, struggling to survive on his own.

    When SPAZ arrived and saw him, their hearts just broke. And this video will prove you what an amazing and wonderful these organizations do for dogs, you won’t believe the before and the after look of this shepherd.

    The dog was extremely fearful, refusing humans to get close to him. I don’t jude him at all,who knows what he had to go through? That’s why the rescuers had to lace food with tranquilizer, and after an hour, the dog finally laid down.
    He remained calm even during his trip to the vet. He had one of his ears cut off, was infested with fleas and ticks, lost most of his hair, as well as many injuries all over his body, but no, he’s a healthy dog, so lovely and beautiful and learning how to trust, love and be loved again.

    Once treated he was taken to a shelter, waiting for his forever home. He’s still so shy, which is understandable, but now at least we all can smile when looking at him.
    If you want to learn more or even donate, please, visit their website: http://spazgreece.gr/

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    Creating Aria Dream Bedroom

    Creating Aria Dream Bedroom

    Aria was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when she was only three years old. Every parent would feel so lost and devastated for this, but their little Aria is a true fighter. Children don’t seem to care too much about sickness; just like any other normal child, they just want to have fun and enjoy each moment of their lives. And that is what Aria does.

    This cute girl went into remission after intense chemotherapy treatments and daily doses of medication.
    Aria spent a lot of time resting in her bed, and throughout the ordeal, she always dreamed of a bedroom makeover. Well, her dream came true when Coldwell Banker teamed up with Special Spaces. This team, all together, made the cutest and most amazing bedroom makeover ever!

    They aim to give children who face life-threatening illnesses a chance to design and create their dream bedroom. And wow, they just did a wonderful work! Look at Aria’s reaction when she see her new own space… the lovely girl screams and laughs, and giggles, full of excitement. We can really notice how thrilled she is. And also her parents are, too.

    We really hope Aria recovers totally, and live so many years more to enjoy her new pink bedroom!

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    Insane Backflip Over 72ft Canyon By Kelly McGarry

    Insane Backflip Over 72ft Canyon By Kelly McGarry

    Tons of people love extreme sports, and Kelly McGarry was definitely one of them. Wow, what he did on this video is so amazingly awesome!! And he recorded it with a GoPro, so we all can enjoy these moments and I can assure you it is very well worth it!

    Kelly McGarry flips a 72-foot-long canyon gap at Red Bull Rampage in 2013 and he got a 2nd place finish!
    What is actually what attracts us to extreme sports? Control and physics? Thrill? Pushing the limits? Being just the man against nature? Is it the fun they are seeking or just a plain thrill of danger that make us come back for more…?

    The main reason why people enjoy doing extreme sports is the satisfaction they get out of challenging themselves and being victorious in the end. Many people strive for self-improvement and set certain goals in their life that help them go farther than anyone else before. Even though many people my argue that money, fame and probably an inflated ego is what determines extreme sports passionate do what they do, the truth is that neither of these compare with the rush of adrenaline and the feeling of happiness one gets while succeeding in completing such a difficult and demanding task as practicing an extreme sport.

    The world lost an amazing man. Ride in peace, bro!

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    When Your Dog Takes “Fetch” To A New Level

    Ball thrower: When Your Dog Takes “Fetch” To A New Level

    If only we could be happy and have fun all the time, it would be great. World would be greater, we would be different too; more cheerful persons, that is for sure.

    But we can be very thankful that we can have happy times even if it is from time to time only, which make us appreciate happiness even more and in a better way.

    Anyway… we know this dog is probably the happiest one in the world when he can get to play with his ball thrower.

    His owner(s) might have made this to make him enjoy his playtime even more without having to throw him the ball every time he likes to, which seems to be pretty often, by the way), is this too much laziness or a too smart idea? Just wondering…

    Buddy got off to a rough start, but once he found his forever home, tail-wagging became the adorable norm.

    Wow, he looks so happy and so excited when he gets to pick up the ball. What is the most hilarious thing about the video is the little dance he does while waiting the ball to be thrown, he just do little jumps in front of the machine with the most thrilling attitude I have ever seen in my life.

    Go, Buddy!

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    Funny Map Glitch During Weather Review

    Funny Map Glitch During Weather Review

    Improvisation. That’s what this video is about. We all have to improvise. Always, whether if it’s at work, at school, in dealing with all things that are thrown at us. Because stuff changes all the time. In fact, John Lennon once said that life is what happens to you when you are busy planning it. He was so right. However, some people are more skilled than others, actually. And this man really is an expert.

    Specially, when you’re on live tv, you have to be prepared for anything and everything, and that’s what happened to this weatherman.
    While standing in front of a green screen, reporting the weather, a weatherman found himself staring down the barrel of a very ridiculous computer error. The good thing is that he didn’t give up the broadcast, no, he managed to play it off in the funniest way possible. Technology doesn’t always cooperate, but luckily Cory knows how to handle the “heat!”
    An improvisation like this requires fluency, tenacity and fluidity.

    Check out the video, it is so priceless! He made to laugh a lot of people, including me. I admire this man!

    He turned it into impro standup and did a hell of a good job, he handled it with class!

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    And This Is Why Dogs Should Have Freedom

    And This Is Why Dogs Should Have Freedom

    For sure animals are too adorable and we all want them with us in our homes as our pets, we want to love them, cuddle them and take care of them. But I think dogs are happier when they’re free, when they can do whatever they like, run to whenever they feel like, feel in direct communication with nature and its environment, and that’s the true freedom for them.

    If you don’t think this is true, just take a look at this video and you will see it by yourself.

    A four-acre property is home to 45 rescue dogs and one wolf hybrid as well!

    The lovely sight of a pack of happy dogs is what this people are greeted with every single day when they open the doors and all dogs run free, exploring anything and everything at the same time… have you seen something better than this? Even the guy recording the video is so happy that dogs are, too, and that they can enjoy that moment as they do.

    This big herd is really running the show! That’s how every and single animal should be free.

    I bet all of them are in love with freedom.

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    How To Build A Pallet Playhouse For $50

    How To Build A Pallet Playhouse For $50

    Kids love to play, and they need different challenges to play too or otherwise they might get tired, as we all know, kids always are in need of new things, so I can only imagine how cheerful and happy the kid of this man was when his father showed him what he just did for him (and perhaps, his kid’s friends also!).

    This handy man took the time to record how he did this awesome thing: build this adorable pallet playhouse in only a two minute video tutorial. Yes, this is a ‘Do It Youself’, so now you can have your own playhouse or either give it as a surprise to your nephews. And maybe one of the best thing about this is that you will spend less than 50 dollars! So why don’t you start making your own playhouse? We’ll assure you it’s a lot of fun.

    You will only need 4 tools. You will need to build the floor, the roof, the doors and the walls, and fill in the slats with extra wood for the walls and door. Use plywood for the floor, roof and porch and only a few more steps will get you the best playhouse!

    We seriously love this ‘DIY’ tutorials. Saves our time, money, and make us have fun.

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    When Love For Snakes Goes Too Far

    When Love For Snakes Goes Too Far

    Some people’s tastes are somewhat… weird. Certain people love snakes, and Amy is one of those who has a big, strange love for these creatures that a lot of people hate.

    Amy Siewe, a Youtube user, has a huge obsession with the reptiles, the way she loves them it’s almost sick. She finds these slithering things fascinating.

    Back in 2011, she uploaded the following video that you’re about to watch ( I do not recommend it if you have a snake phobia), where she shows to everyone her love for snakes.
    In the video you can see how Amy grabs a big amount of snakes from the water, as well as all bites she received from each one of them… ouch, that must hurt a lot!

    Water snakes are known to be very aggressive; when handled, they always tend to hiss or even bite, just as a defense, so, for this reason, mainly, they do not make good pets. They sometimes become aggressive when approached even if they are not touched.

    But their bits seemt to not be too important to Amy, she kept on catching snakes and even laugh and talk about it with his pal who was recording the video.

    She’s so lucky they weren’t venomous!

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